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Praxis Dr. Klima - Therapeutische Apherese


Praxis Dr. Klima - Apherese


Detoxification & Elimination with Therapeutic Apheresis / 'Blood washing' or 'Blood purification'

-> Therapeutische Apherese (in Deutsch)


The 3 pillars of detoxification and purification

  1. Plant-based, homeopathic/spagyric:

    a.o. method according to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (USA)

  2. Chelation therapy (e.g. DMSA, EDTA, DMPS, Zn-DTPA etc.)

    a.o. method according to Dr. Joachim Mutter, application as individual healing for detoxification of toxic metals and reduction of arteriosclerosis (deposits in the arteries).

  3. Therapeutic apheresis

    Is a specialty in environmental medicine.

    It represents a possible variant of therapeutic double membrane filtration apheresis, which can be performed with environmental medicine indications, among others, but can also be used as immune adsorption or immune apheresis in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases (e.g. autoimmune diseases, allergic diseases, CFS, MCS, infections, etc.) and as lipid apheresis (removal of various fats from the blood, LDL cholesterol, lipoprotein (a), triglycerides, etc.).

    The term H.E.L.P.-Apheresis® (known from TV reports) refers to a special lipoprotein apheresis procedure of the company "B. Braun". We do not perform this procedure. This procedure is also NOT identical or the same as INUSpheresis® or Environmental Apheresis®. These are all possibilities of technical procedures of different manufacturers for "blood washing" or "blood purification".

What is Therapeutic Apheresis?

In therapeutic apheresis, a closed blood/plasma circuit (veno-venous through two peripheral venous access points) uses a special filter system that, depending on the pore size, can remove pathological proteins and pathogenic substances bound to them from the blood plasma outside the body (various environmental toxins, toxic light and heavy metals, solvents, plasticizers, wood preservatives, pesticides (such as glyphosate), microplastics and other organic and inorganic toxins), as well as inflammatory mediators in the case of acute and chronic infections, chronic inflammation, autoantibodies in autoimmune diseases (pathologically changed antibodies that target the body's own organs), and antibodies against various allergens.

The removal of pathogenic substances occurs through adsorption (attachment to the filter), precipitation (precipitation) and filtration. The "cleansed" plasma is completely returned to the patient, similar to a lipid apheresis ("blood fat removal").

There are no significant losses of electrolytes or physiological proteins. The duration of treatment is based on the individually calculated plasma volume to be cleaned. For the safety of the patient, comprehensive monitoring of various vital parameters is carried out. A doctor is present with the patient throughout the duration of the treatment. If there are losses of macro and micronutrients during blood filtration, it is possible to prepare an individual infusion directly after the apheresis and to return the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, etc. to the patient through one of the venous accesses in the same session, so that no side effects (nutrient losses) are felt.

It is important to have current laboratory values including nutrient profile before such a treatment is carried out.

When can Therapeutic Apheresis be useful?

Therapeutic Apheresis is proposed, among other things, as an individual healing and treatment attempt for various health problems or as a treatment in a "last resort" situation, that is, as a last possibility in otherwise exhausted patients, for example, there are positive experiences with (partially "off label use"):

  • various environmental burdens and poisonings
  • rheumatism and other rheumatic diseases
  • autoimmune diseases
  • chronic skin diseases and eczema (e.g. neurodermatitis, psoriasis)
  • allergies and other allergic diseases
  • chronic inflammation and infections
  • lipid metabolism disorders
  • CFS, ME, PEM, POTS, MCS, chronic degenerative neurological diseases (e.g. Parkinson's disease, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, MS, etc.)
  • post- and long-COVID syndrome
  • persistent complaints after various vaccinations


For technical understanding:

In this variant of Therapeutic Apheresis, there is no plasma exchange, that is, no body's own plasma is removed and no foreign plasma or blood components from other patients are administered, as in a plasma apheresis. The procedure is also not a (haemo-)dialysis.

For further technical details, possible indications and studies on the described procedure, please contact us and talk to us.


Our apheresis device - AFERsmart from the company MEDICA


Filters systems we use include:

  • 3M
  • ExTheraMedical/Californien/USA
  • Fresenius Medical Care
  • Medica

In good hands

A specialist in internal medicine and a trained nurse, a nurse for dialysis/apheresis or for anaesthesia or intensive care medicine or a medical assistant trained in dialysis/apheresis are always present during every treatment.

An external specialist in internal medicine and nephrology (kidney medicine), who specialises in various dialysis and apheresis procedures, advises us.

This therapy procedure has been reported to the competent licensing and monitoring authorities. The device used and all accessories are approved for the German market (TÜV, CE) and are medical devices according to the German Medical Devices Act (MPG).

For further technical details, possible indications and also studies on the described procedure, please contact us.



The statutory and also private health insurances usually do NOT reimburse the procedure and it remains a self-pay service in most cases and it is "not medically necessary" according to the health insurances in many cases.

There are no guarantees of success or promises of a cure. The treatment is done at the explicit request of the patient.


A special function of the AFERsmart device is "haemoperfusion", which is said to be able to remove part of various bacteria and viruses as well as their components and messenger substances from the patient's blood using a so-called "Seraph-100 adsorber, Microbind Affinity Blood Filter" (special filter manufactured in the USA, manufacturer "ExTheraMedical"), as proven by studies.

Praxis Dr. Klima - Hämoperfusion