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A special function of the MEDICA device is "haemoperfusion", which, using a so-called "Seraph-100 adsorber, Microbind Affinity Blood Filter" (special filter manufactured in the USA), has been proven by studies to be able to remove part of various bacteria and viruses, as well as their components and messenger substances, from the patient's blood.

For this purpose, a special adsorption cartridge is used that is able to remove specific molecules responsible for the development of certain pathologies directly from the blood.

This procedure is not performed with the blood plasma, but with the whole (full) blood, similar to (haemo-)dialysis in kidney patients. This treatment can be performed in a separate session or on the same day after the apheresis described in “Therapeutic apheresis”.

Here we use the special filter from the USA (research on this at the University of California, Los Angeles), which has been approved by the FDA (USA) and also by the EMA (EU), and which has been especially developed to bind pathogens and their released messenger substances and toxins.

You need a dialysis catheter for sufficient blood flow. We usually use so-called Shaldon catheters and place them sonographically controlled into a larger vein in the groin region. According to the manufacturer, the main field of application is blood poisoning with bacteria (sepsis) in the intensive care unit in the inpatient/clinical area.

However, in justified cases, the filter can also be used "off label" in ultima ratio situations in the outpatient area for various infections, e.g. also together with antibiotic substances. To find out which pathogen spectrum is covered by this special filter, please consult the manufacturer's publications on their website (ExTheraMedical USA).

The haemoperfusion can therefore be used, for example, for certain infections with viruses (e.g. EBV, CMV, other herpes viruses). As described, the reduction of certain bacteria (e.g. Borrelia and co-infections, streptococci, staphylococci, chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc.) has been proven.

Studies have been conducted in the USA with acutely ill COVID-19 patients, but also in patients with long-COVID and post-COVID symptoms. Some of the studies have not yet been completed. Neither we nor the manufacturers give any guarantees of success or promises of a cure.


In good hands

A specialist in internal medicine and a trained nurse, a nurse for dialysis/apheresis or for anaesthesia or intensive care medicine or a medical assistant trained in dialysis/apheresis are always present during every treatment.

An external specialist in internal medicine and nephrology (kidney medicine), who specialises in various dialysis and apheresis procedures, advises us.

This therapy procedure has been reported to the competent licensing and monitoring authorities. The device used and all accessories are approved for the German market (TÜV, CE) and are medical devices according to the German Medical Devices Act (MPG).

For further technical details, possible indications and also studies on the described procedure, please contact us.


The statutory and also private health insurances usually do NOT reimburse the procedure and it remains a self-pay service in most cases and it is "not medically necessary" according to the health insurances in many cases.

There are no guarantees of success or promises of a cure. The treatment is done at the explicit request of the patient.


Detoxification & Elimination with Therapeutic Apheresis / 'Blood washing' or 'Blood purification'

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